Anime: The Joy of Creating Your Own

The Joy of Creating Your Own

One of the most challenging yet rewarding anime creations I have done were from a recent story I wrote that was not originally intended to be anime at all.  I decided to put an anime spin on both illustrating the characters and the storyline itself.  It turned out to be very spontaneous and amazing.

The thought came to me as I sat down to draw the characters I had just written about.  Each of them had such strong personalities and emotions, it just seemed fitting to make their expressions come to life through anime-type drawings.  Illustrations just don’t get more emotion packed that they do in anime productions.

As the characters began to take their form, I decided to put the animation production in full anime style as well.  That meant changing the storyline a bit.  I didn’t want to put a big American spin on anime.  That just didn’t seem right.  So I made the plot a little more twisted and lightened up on the predictableness of it.  Would my characters live?  Would good triumph over evil?  Hum…that was no longer a given.  I was lost in the haphazard freedom in the world of anime.

I may have created a better anime-based story had I originally gone for that but I’m not so sure.  Anime is raw and quirky and not bound by rules and regulations so I think I was freer to create first and then go back and recreate.  Regardless, it was fun to do it this way.

Rory, in my original cast of characters, was in love with Penelope.  He was, however, shy and under-confident.  As an anime, his heart sweated tear drops and when he was around Penelope, he became small, literally.  I loved the freedom of making him a tiny guy.  It really allowed me to show how he felt on the inside and I think that most of us can relate to feeling small at times.

Penelope, on the other hand, was a very beautiful and popular girl.  Although she could appear to be stuck up and uncaring, she was not really that way at all.  But because she lived the life of such a debutant, she got wrapped up in all the activities of that her popularity brought such as being homecoming queen.  When she was around Rory, she realized how she came across.  During these times, I was able to shrink her down to size, Rory size.  Then and only then did she communicate with him and other characters that were not in her lofty social class.

It was quite a feat to write the story, illustrate my anime characters and then change the story to fit the new plot-less plot.  Then, the actual animation was not easy either.  Then end product though, was the closest I have ever gotten to a “masterpiece” and I am happy to say that for one of the first times ever, I am truly pleased with my work.  I think I will be doing much more anime in the future.