Resistance Isn’t Futile, it’s Fun

Watching anime on TV doesn’t have to be a pastime you do once in a while. For me, it’s main time. But even then, we all need a break from what we regularly do. Today’s rest period from my favorite activity is actually the reverse. It is exercise for fitness. It’s about moving and pumping iron (small ones). I have all the right gear at home in my bedroom, including some 8 pound weights, a large plastic ball, a small heavy ball, a yoga mat, a mini trampoline, a stretching strap, blue and pink resistance bands, and stacking blocks I use to step up and down. They are really handy. I do sit-ups, squats, lunges down the hallway, jumping jacks, a bunch of bouncing, curls, lifts, and so on. I read up and looked at the illustrations, so I am my own coach and trainer. It’s my own version of circuit training and it works quite well. That is, if I do it consistently, and I am really trying.

Most gyms have big wall-mounted TVs, so I hardly feel guilty. Who doesn’t watch a game, some old sit com, or the news? (Eventually everyone unless they prefer music.) If not, you end up talking to people and wasting a lot of time. It’s too intensely social! Or you get on your smart phone and text away to at least ten people, letting everyone know where you are and what you are about to do, as always. You get started working out late and finishing early. It’s best to keep to yourself, focus on one thing, and go for it. Make it a routine habit, like anime.

At first it was a bit of a drag. When you are relaxed watching TV, it’s hard to get up and start to run around. It feels so good to sit or lie there…keeping the blood pressure even…maybe munching on some snacks. But seriously, I want to keep fit and I know there is only one way! So resistance bands here I come. Their pretty colors beckon me and I can’t resist. Ha ha! With all this talk about motivation, I have to tell you a secret. I can do this part of the routine, in fact most of the routine, watching TV. It is not a contradiction. It’s fun. It works for me quite well.

I would highly recommend it. It is painless which is hard to believe. You get two great things done at the same time. You also do more for a longer period of time this way. Put on a few extra videos and prolong your exercise ecstasy. You hardly notice the minutes slip by. You can credit your favorite characters for getting you in shape. Fitness is a big concept these days and you have to find a way to fit it into your life. I have. Why not you!

So join me in a few leg lifts and watch the animated show.