It’s Party Time!

Are you in love with the world of anime? I am. There are more of us sprouting up around the world all the time. It has been decades since the art form was invented and we never tire of the characters and their antics. They are symbolic and live at a mythical level of imaginary life. We love to talk endlessly about our favorites. We also like to dress up for parties. I have a closet full of possibilities of which I am very proud. It takes time and effort to collect just the right pieces to be an authentic persona. One of the girls in my anime group is having a birthday. I don’t know her well but have met her and I have offered to do her makeup as a gesture of impending friendship. It’s party time.

It is nice to meet one on one instead of always with a bunch of anime lovers. When we all talk at once, it is chaos. If you want to learn something new, you better listen carefully. Meanwhile, I am preparing a gift for the birthday girl that will be special. Because makeup is something that is going to bring us together, I want to get something she won’t have—a heated eyelash curler so that she can have Eyelashes to Die For. A what? you ask. Yes, they come heated. Sure, this contraption has been around forever without changing a bit. It is about four or five inches long and maybe two inches wide. The bottom has two openings so you can insert your fingers. At the top is the curling mechanism which has a detachable rubber refill. You open the curler and insert your lashes carefully so you don’t pinch your eyelid skin. You close the curler with your fingers and press hard for ten seconds to get a proper curl. You can do it over again if you aren’t satisfied. With the new heating unit, the degree of bend in the lashes will be greater and the curl will last longer. When you put on mascara, the effect is to really open the eyes. Some people’s lashes droop downward and this device is the perfect solution. Women worldwide depend on eyelash curlers to look better. If you wear glasses, you will want to accentuate your eyes this way. Without this extra cosmetic touch, you may look bland.

You can get eyelash curlers most anywhere. There are cheaper models in the drugstore and more expensive designer types in cosmetic specialty shops and department stores. This is not a rare item that takes hours to find. I know women who have been using them for years and years. They wouldn’t be caught dead without one in their purse. The curl is said to last all day so you only have to do a touchup job at night if you are going out. Women have so much to worry about these days. If you are a busy bee like me, the curler is a time saver for sure. You get a finished look in seconds.