Plumbing, Manga-style

I want to try my hand at some anime drawings that illustrate my ordinary life around the house. It will be a kind of self-revelation or autobiography. I want to uncover the character and magic in the normal and the mundane. Those fellow travelers who watch it know there are various genres, such as action, drama, horror, etc. I have to decide how I am going to craft my tale of replacing a toilet in the guest room. Now that’s an odd subject, but I am doing it on a dare. Someone told me arrogantly that anime is limited. I took the challenge and started watching some YouTube videos on how to do my handyman chore and discovered I figured I would get some ideas looking at anime in different genres to see what would work best. I am dedicated to this project to show this fool how wrong he is.

Armed with some basic knowledge of toilet installation and having borrowed a few key tools, I set about depicting the process in anime style to prepare me for the actual job. The art work became transformed as I tackled the subject and the group of basic how-to illustrations looked above all like an action sequence. It surely wasn’t adventure or comedy. There were demons, however, so my efforts were a kind of hybrid production. You no doubt are thinking that putting in a new toilet is hardly conducive to high-intensity action. Where are the thrilling battles and action-packed fight scenes? Wait, there’s more. In my wild imagination, the old and new toilets morphed into monsters, taking each other on for dominance in the bathroom. Each one was hideous in its own way, drawn in unmistakable anime fashion. Grotesque eyes and gaping maws were frightening indeed. I got a rush of excitement just witnessing the porcelain war. I can just see it in my mind’s eye done in animation. Maybe I won’t win any awards, but it will amuse me.

I accomplished my plumbing, Manga-style. The drawings set me on the right track and I tamed the toilets, each in turn. The old one bit the dust in a trash bin in the garage. The new one is glowing with pride. He is the hero of a devastating battle while the old boy was clearly a sore loser. He looked pathetic and helpless in the bin, hardly the warrior he had become on paper. The replacement experience was great fun given its multiple dimensions. Art led the way and taught me a new craft. Now what else shall I tackle in the house. Do I need a new stove or refrigerator? Will my small appliances in the kitchen rebel and form an army? I have a sudden interest in home renovation. How odd. The anime made all the difference between success and failure. I can’t go wrong if I go the same route. My environment is going to be freshened up. Plus, my drawing skills have improved.