Why Slice-of-Life Anime?

Ever since I started watching anime, I’ve always loved the ones set in supernatural and fantastical worlds. I like losing myself in them, and basically giving reality a break for a few hours while I watch it, which is quite often – I’m not gonna lie, are you gonna lie? Come on, we’re all friends here, you know why you’re here – to read about anime. Which is great, because anime is great.

I often lose track of time when I watch something really immersing, especially when I want to catch up on the new episodes of my favorite anime series that I didn’t get the time to watch when they’d been released. I usually do this on the weekends when I have more free time so I don’t need to look at my watch at all, even though it’s a great watch.

Anyways, I was talking to my friends a couple of months ago and one of them started telling us about how he got into an argument with someone on Reddit over what genres of anime were the best, and he wanted to know our opinion. He’s actually a big advocate for slice-of-life anime and it got me interested in this genre.

I definitely know what it is, but I’d never given it a second thought until my friend said that watching someone else’s life unfold before his eyes helped him get a perspective of his own. Being relieved of heroes and villains, and epic storylines with intricate characters and thousands of pages of backstory, slice-of-life anime is pretty chill and mellow.

This might turn some people off, as it did me, but now I proudly declare myself a convert. Why? Because of what my friend said, that’s why! But, in all seriousness, his argument meant much more than that. It meant that the lack of action can make you appreciate the little things, like cooking rice, or sitting by the river, or even cleaning your home.

The lack of conflict will stimulate you in a different way, it’ll give you a different perspective of many things about your own life, but also about the life of the people around you. You may gain a better understanding of human relationships and mellow yourself down a little bit.

Now, I’m not saying it’ll make you an enlightened individual, because it has its own kind of escapism, but judging from what I’ve experienced watching it, it’s definitely going to change your attitude towards stuff you hadn’t thought about before!